5-Star Daily BBQ Buffet: A Culinary Journey

The first 5-star Daily BBQ Buffet in Hoi An - Bellerive Hoi An Hotel and Spa.

Daily BBQ Bufet at Bellerive Hoi An Hotel and Spa

Embark on a sophisticated and upscale culinary journey at Bellerive Hoi An Hotel and Spa, where you can relish the first-ever 5-star Daily BBQ Buffet in Hoi An.

 Immerse yourself in a refined and luxurious setting as you indulge in an extensive selection of exquisite grilled delicacies, ranging from succulent meats to fresh and delectable seafood, as well as a diverse array of authentic Vietnamese specialties. Every dish is meticulously prepared by our team of skilled and professional chefs.

 Bellerive Hoi An's Daily BBQ Buffet promises to deliver a premium and complete dining experience, leaving you with a sense of utmost satisfaction.

See more Daily BBQ Buffet with the following picture:

Daily BBQ Buffet Menu - Bellerive Hoi An Hotel and Spa

 Don't miss out! Come and experience it for yourself!


Bellerive Hoi An - A beautiful riverside hotel with a breath of an ancient fishing village, peacefully leaning on the lower Thu Bon River

Telephone: +84 235 392 88 88

Email: info@bellerivehoian.com / reservation@bellerivehoian.com

Address: 33 Le Dai Hanh Street, Cua Dai Ward, Hoi An City

Website: www.bellerivehoian.com

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