Hoi An's Culinary Treasures

Desire for hot season - 15 specialties from Hoi An that every visitor must try

Not too strange, but the closeness of these dishes in Hoi An has a completely different flavor and conquers people's hearts. The following list of 15 dishes will make your stomach grumble:
01. Cao Lau Noodles

02. Quang noodles

03. Bánh m?

04. Wet cake with grilled meat

05. Kettle cake

06. Rice cake - Banh beo

07. Pancake - Banh xeo

08. Whipped cake - Banh dap

09. Hoi An chicken rice

10. Mot Tea

11. Green bean cake

12. Red peach wine

13. Hoi An chili sauce

14. Xi ma

15. Mixed clams


Come to Hoi An to experience all the specialties with the poetic beauty and extremely nice people of Hoi An!
Bellerive Hoi An - A beautiful riverside hotel with a breath of an ancient fishing village, peacefully leaning on the lower Thu Bon River
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Address: 33 Le Ðai Hanh Street, Cua Ðai Ward, Hoi An City
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