Mastering the Art of Booking

7 tips for booking a good price when traveling

Immediately save the following booking tips to get the best room rate for your trip:
01. Early Bird booking is recommended.
02. Booking through OTA online travel agencies: Booking, Agoda, Expedia,...
03. Hunt for special offers, discounts
04. Booking through travel agents
05. Membership registration
06. Last Minute book
07. Direct booking

01. Early Bird booking is recommended.


Surely this is the most effective way that you should refer to. Not only is it guaranteed to still choose a room at your favorite accommodation during the high season, but it also has a good price. Every property wants customers to book early to ensure revenue, so always encourage early booking with the Early Bird program. In particular, according to the motto "first-come, first-served", many hotels also have many special offers for guests upon check-in.
02. Booking through OTA online travel agencies: Booking, Agoda, Expedia,...

Online travel agencies or OTAs have become the current booking trend because these online booking channels always have attractive prices and promotions. Besides convenience, each booking channel will have competitive prices and promotions. In particular, members with different ranks also have different attractive cumulative incentives. That's all the reason many travelers choose to book through online agencies.
03. Hunting promotions, discounts


Depending on the time and season of the year, accommodation establishments or booking and ticketing channels will have promotions.
04. Booking through travel agents, travel agents


If you need to book a large number of rooms, accompanied by catering services, sightseeing, meetings, parties, ... then many travel agents, travel agents have very reasonable prices and policies. for your team.
05. Membership Registration

Register for email on the website or as a member of the booking channels, you will receive all promotions, all gift notifications,... the most complete and detailed. If you are not a good sales person, Bellerive Hoi An encourages you to register information is an extremely effective way to get a good price.
06. Book close to the check-in date

Last-minute booking for a reasonable price sounds like the opposite of the early booking tip above. However, many accommodation establishments choose to reduce the room rate close to the day to fill the room capacity on empty days because accommodation services are products that cannot be stocked. In the high season, this method is completely inappropriate instead of early booking. Many popular accommodation establishments in the high season are very focused on encouraging early booking, so this method is unsuitable.
07. Direct booking

This is definitely one of the top ways to get a good price room. In addition to receiving direct prices without any intermediaries, you will receive extremely detailed and complete information about other products and services of the hotel. In particular, direct booking customers will be welcomed and enthusiastically served for your trip right at the beginning of travel planning from the hotel's support.
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