The best places to check-in when coming to Hoi An

when talking about Hoi An, most people refer to the ancient town located in the center of Hoi An. So let this article introduce to visitors outside the old town, Hoi An has many other interesting places to check-in.

Here is 12 places you should visit one time when coming to Hoian:

1. Hoi An Bridge Pagoda

Hoi An Bridge Pagodae is a symbol and one of the most famous tourist attractions in Hoi An, the beautiful ancient city. As you probably already know, this place is the image that appears on the back of the VND 20,000 polymer banknote.

Check-in Hoi An "FIRE" in Hoi An Cau Pagoda (Photo: collectibles)

2. Ong Pagoda

Built in 1963, Ong Pagoda has been restored 6 times, but to this day it has retained its beauty without fading. In the past, the pagoda was a place where businessmen and businesswomen often came to pray for good luck, and it was very sacred. The architecture here has a classic red color, combined with eye-catching decorative patterns on the walls and many folds of the houses, which together create a unique style. Ong Pagoda.

Ong Pagoda

3. Hoai River

From the beginning of the Covered Bridge, walk along the banks of the Hoai River and immediately start "working"! Rows of "Hoi style" tiled roof houses line both sides of the river here, and the boat yards are both nostalgic and romantic.

The dreamy Hoai River

4. Hoi An Lantern Street

Calling Hoi An the city of lanterns is not wrong. The lanterns have almost become a symbol of this ancient and poetic city. If you walk around Hoi An, you will see lanterns hanging in the wind everywhere, lanterns on the streets,on the rooftops and even in the stores...

Lantern street

5. Hoi An check-in alley

Hoi An's small alley, with the yellow color of paint and moss color of the time, makes people nostalgic. Going to the old town, strolling through the small alleys and taking some photos are seemingly simple, but very beautiful things.

Alleys in Hoian Ancient Town

6. Paper flower houses - very chill check-in corner in Hoi An

If you wonder what is beautiful in Hoi An, visit the houses with mossy tiled roofs covered with bougainvillea, not pretentious, not luxurious, not magnificent, but it is rare to find a place with beautiful houses covered with flowers like in Hoi An. If you walk around Hoi An, you will see how cute and adorable they are. Paper flower houses.

Check-in corner in Hoi An

7. Le Nghia basketball court

If you have ever seen the movie "Yesterday's Girl", you surely know the place where this dazzling footage was shot, which is Le Nghia Basketball Court. This place will definitely give you a virtual living place in Hoi An with very interesting and strange photos.

Le Nghia basketball court

8. Hoi An Goat Beach

This goat beach of Hoi An is a relatively new place to visit, as it is not near the old town and the price to photograph goats is a bit "bitter", 150k ticket, each. But if you come here, you will not regret it, because with the green field and cute goats, you will have super beautiful photos immediately.

The goat farm of Hoi An

9. Hoi An market

Different from the peace and quiet in the center of the old town. Hoi An market, located across the river from Cam Nam Island, is a "food paradise" that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. When you visit Hoi An market, you should not only check in virtually, but also enjoy Hoi An specialties such as Cao Lau, Hoi An bread, chicken rice ... enjoy and forget about going home!

Hoi An market

10. The muralist village of Tam Thanh

Belonging to Tam Ky town and Tam Thanh commune, Tam Thanh mural painting village is the first mural painting village in Vietnam. Being somewhat remote, this place is not as famous as other famous check-in points in Hoi An. The murals here mainly show the daily life of fishing villagers with bright, eye-catching colors and careful, meticulous drawings.
If you like a youthful, artistic, but beautiful style, then Tam Thanh mural village is definitely the perfect place to take photos of check-in in Hoi An! If you are planning your trip and looking for beautiful photo locations in Hoi An, do not miss this virtual life place!

Tam Thanh mural painting village

11. Tam Quan Ba Mu Pagoda

Tam Quan Ba Mu Pagoda has been evaluated by domestic and foreign researchers as a beautiful architectural work of Quang Nam, alongside the two relics of Cau Pagoda and Trieu Chau Assembly Hall.

Tam Quan Ba Mu Pagoda (Photo: Collection)

12. Bellerive Hoian Spa&Hotel

Bellerive Hoi An Hotel & Spa - the newest hotel in Hoi An with 170 rooms and 08 luxurious villas on the luxury beach, decorated with natural materials such as wood, stone and bamboo and soft sea-inspired Hue ancient capital.
Located right on the famous Thu Bon River and just a short walk from the famous Cua Dai Beach, Bellerive Hoi An offers a cultural getaway in historic Hoi An. Inspired by Hoi An's river heritage, where reinterpreted fishing boats find their way into modern architectural elements, the Bellerive's quiet location away from the crowds offers an urban retreat. Soak up the sun on a beach lounger or watch the world go by from the boardwalk cooled by the river breeze, all within easy reach of the ancient city of Hoi An and the wild Cham Islands.


Bellerive Hoian Hotel & Spa


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